What are you doing to make your community a better place?

Here’s what Dwayne Wade is doing, and here’s a great quote from one of the best players in the NBA:
“I want to change communities, not just one community,” he says. “I want to help change communities in our inner-cities, for our youth, for our black kids, for all of the young ethnic kids, to change their whole outlook on life. These kids don’t experience the world; they are living in boxes. I want them to have the opportunity to get out there, experience what the world is about, not just what the ‘hood is about. I want to have to do my part to make sure that they experience the world.”
Change a childs outlook on life TODAY. Make this city a better place! You don’t just change the life of one child forever, you change the life of that child and everyone they come in contact with forever. And don’t tell me you don’t have enough time. Bullshit. If you’ve got 6-8 hours a month to play quizzo, you’ve got 6-8 hours a month to make Philadelphia a better city. And to the guys who have signed up already, I say thank you. Everybody talks the talk, but you guys walked the walk.