Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like it’s 1933

Local bars are touting that tommorrow is the anniversary of Prohibition ending, though I think I’m missing something. I thought Roosevelt ended it on March 23. Can somebody fill me in on what I’m missing here?

Anyways, the War on Alcohol seemed to be about as effective as our current War on Drugs. So the question needs to be raised: should we end the Prohibition on illegal narcotics? Sadly, even mentioning this idea is political suicide, and the simple political answer is just to lock up anybody and everybody, despite it’s remarkable ineffectiveness. (And yes, you may freely post your ideas on this topic w/o me getting snippy.)
RELATED: Joe Sixpack discusses Prohibition in Philadelphia. This is fascinating stuff. Best line in the article? In 1931, A’s fans famously booed President Herbert Hoover during a World Series game at Shibe Park, disrupting the game with their chant of “We want beer!”