The Week in Review

04-27-2007 001 (Custom).jpg
The week really started on Saturday. A beautiful spring day, the kind where all of the women break out there cute skimpy little outfits and prance around town. And I was in the Reading Terminal Market, watching large men eat pork byproducts. The guy in the photo above is the guy who won the Scrapple cook-off by making Scrapple burgers. I had a sample of one, and it was really quite good.

In quizzo, a couple of major upsets later in the week, but a pretty standard Tuesday: Young Old and Restless win ayet another squeaker (this team just thrives in the late innings), and Sofa Kingdom winning in a blowout. At O’Neals, the YORS held off Dork SIded, 106-105, while Women are Easy, State Capitals are Hard finished with 100. At Bards, the Kingdom knocked off the Dysfunktion, 107-96.

No surprises at the Vous, as the Jams (aka Yeltsin Got His Pinko Slip) held off the Steaming Minotaurs, 97-83. There will be a $20 bounty on the Jams next week.

A remarkably close shave at the Black Sheep, as the top four teams finished within three points of each other. When the dust settled, the Satan’s Minions edged Duane’s World, 92-91. Every Four Papers finished with 90, and One Hangs Lower finished with 89.

Thursday night was when things started to get weird. First, a mild upset at the Good Dog, as a Steve-O led 3 1/2 Armenians knocked off MAGMA, 103-95. That’s also where I got my best answer of the week. The question was, “Who shot and killed John Wilkes Booth?” The answer was Boston Corbett. Team TigerBeat Centerfolds answered, “Zombie Abe Lincoln.”

THe week ended with by far the largest recent upset, as Why Am I sitting With Browns Fans knocked off the Sofa Kingdom, 99-90. It was the first win for usual Western Omelette member BMT in just over two years.