scrapple 001 (Custom).jpg
Hey, here’s my latest article in the Metro, about last Saturdays scrapplefest. The pic above is of the scrapple wedding cake. I’m running out the door right now, but I’ll have more pics and stories later.
UPDATE: One thing I wasn’t able to fit into the story. There was a guy named Tom in the Beergarden who was not at all pleased with the Scrapplefest. According to him, there had been a scrapplefest at the Troc many years earlier that was “awesome. Just a bunch of fat people getting wasted and eating scrapple. Now they are doing this stuff for the tourists, and not for the real scrapple fans.” Also, wanna send a shout out to Anthony and Koob, who I went to Scrapplefest with and who really did some serious scrapple testing. Koob told me at one point, “That guy’s Scrapple is a little too mushy. I think he’s cracking under the pressure of Scrapplefest.”
To read more about Scrapplefest, you can click here to hear from one of the celebrity judges who writes in the Inky.