Now let’s rag Seattle

Alright, we had our fun with Denver. Almost. But first…I was in Denver last year, and while it is a pretty nice city, the fever they have for their baseball team is…non-existent. They built the stadium way too big, so when their usual crowd of about 15,000 shows up it’s kind of sad. Then those people just stare at the field for three hours. No cheering, no booing, I swear they just stare at the field. And the people there are none too bright either. We were giving away $25 gas cards to anyone who could beat me at hula-hooping, and nobody would do it! It was amazing. Those cards woulda been gone in 10 minutes in Philly, but in Denver, people just got uncomfortable and ran off (kind of like girls I talk to in bars). Anyways, I don’t got much on Seattle, b/c I’ve never been. But in case you’re wondering, it is one of the few cities we can make fun f b/c they haven’t won a sports title since 1979. Now, bash away at the Emerald City.