Denver is Talking Smack

The following was taken from Dicker’s Geeks Who Drink website (yes, Denver’s head quizmaster is named Dicker). If anyone would care to respond, I heartily invite you to go to Dicker’s website and start talking smack.
Hey, Philly: When did you guys last have a championship that was at any level above a father & son game, 1983? Talk all you want about the body bag game but lets face facts, it PALES in comparison to THE DRIVE. The most talented athlete to come out of there isn’t even real, but the guy that played him is…though he’s a 60 year old man getting busted in foreign countries with enough HGH to make Barry Bonds blush, boy Philly’s battin’ a thousand in the “we’re almost great” category.

You can remember what that’s like right? Well, at least what its like to bat .300, I never thought we’d ever have to say “PLEASE COME BACK JOHN KRUCK!” So keep swingin for the fences kids, because come quiz time, we’re gonna whomp you like you’re a hooker and we’re Charlie Sheen on an 8 ball and a 6 pack of PBR tall boys! Later ya bastards!
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