A Dash of Ginger


I had an interesting week of eats. Most recently I tried out that new pizza place at 10th and federal again, called Slice. Both previous times led to a bit of regret. But since it was pouring yesterday and I was working from home, the concept of delivery was all too enticing. Their San Romano Tomato sauce has this “olivey” aftertaste which doesn’t agree with me. Their BBQ chicken pizza had potential. But when I hear the word Barbecue, I get excited. I love bbq pulled pork, bbq wings, I even ate Bbq’d lamb during a Mummer’s picnic this year. Slice’s “bbq” was a mere drizzling. Slightly lackluster. And the crust was spongy but not in a good way.

That was lunch. Dinner was pulled pork at the Good Dog. When I am not organizing beer club, you can find me most Wednesdays there. They feature all their cans for half off (sly fox is $1.50.) I may have mentioned this before. I get very excited about $1.50 beer because I am losing about one wallet per month on average.

Once I get a little financial cushion and have sweet dreams of finally getting a new computer that doesn’t operate off of Linux, I lose my wallet. This time was in utter sobriety at 12 noon.

I have walked by “Benny’s Place” by the tourist laden 5th and Chestnut for six years. Never ever ever had a desire to go in and compare it to 2nd and Markets’s diner offering of Snow White. But my sis wanted to meet and her roommate’s sister worked there. So I figured I would join. We were going to do some pre wedding shopping afterwards, so I put a few hundred bucks in my wallet, and left said wallet in the booth. Granted it was two days before rent was due, and maybe someone needed it a tad more than I did. Doubtful, but I will be postimistic. That’s a new word in my dictionary. Postimistic, you acknowledge the possibility of something without being as hopeful as an optimistic person would be.

Moving on, I also attended the now infamous “Drunken Spelling Bee” at Bob and Barbara’s. I was truly looking forward to the bee. Having won some myself in the early nineties, I was curious to see how some B & B’s “specials” would play a role in contestant’s performances. The hosts were dressed to impress in some blast from the past threads. The cameras were rolling, and with my roommate keeping the drinks coming, it had the makings of an almost perfect evening.

Unfortunately, the first turn I saw was my roomies’ friend Christie, great bartender and person. Her word was “misconstrue.” She kept spelling “misconstrued ” Once again, how ironic, that miscontrue would be the word that was misconstrued. I almost thought, she was a “pawn” in the audience. Gregg Parker, the host, tells her to get her “tattooed tits” off the stage, she jabs him in the side and calls him a douchebag (after all, with St. Patrick’s Day two days prior, it was the word of the week.) Then her husband throws a punch at the host, grabs the mic and says something incomprehensible , and he and Christie storm out! (I also hear through the grapevinne that Christie is an excellent speller. Too bad she won’t be sipping on the prize of free PBR for a month.)

Speaking of Bob and Barbara’s, that’s where i’m gonna be hosting my upcoming B-day bash. Consider this your official invite:
Tuesday, April 24th 9:00.
Bob and Barbara’s (15th and South)
Dress as your favorite professional wrestler and Get Ready To RUMBLE.