Win $250 in the Barristers Bracket Spectacular!

It’s the best time of the year to be a sports fan. By far the best playoff system in all of sports (with the possible exception of the sheer genius that is the BCS), the NCAA tournament will mean that I will spend four days this week, starting Thursday, on a barstool in front of a television for 12 hours each day. Try to stop me. Anyways, enough bluster, let’s make some picks. Here’s how it works. Click here, then enter the group ID #: 85004 and the password: goodtimes. Then make your picks. If you don’t already have a yahoo account, you have to create one. (Yeah, it sucks but it only takes a minute.) Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about basketball! The person who wins these things is always someone who picks the teams according to their jersey colors. Whoever gets the most points is gonna walk away with $125 in gift certificates to Barristers and $125 in cash. Barristers (1823 Sansom) has the Tourney Ticket, and will thus be showing every single tournament game. There will also be great beer and food specials I will tell you about soon.