The Week in Review

Last week saw upsets galore, but this was not to be the week of the Cinderella. We start at O’Neals, where the Young, the Old and the Restless resumed their winning ways with an 84-76 win over Shake and Bake. No surprise at the Bards, either, as the Sofa Kingdom held off the newly reformed Western Omelette, 99-86. The Kingdom was perfect through three, but missed three in the final round. The Omelette was one of quizzoes most vaunted franchises in 2004 and 2005.

At the Rendezous, the Jams came back after their rare loss last week to cruise past 1022, 102-85. Meanwhile, in a cruel twist of fate, Trust Us We Know, a week after pulling off the upset with an incredible score of 114, finished in last with a measly 61. The River of Rocks, who usually give the Jams a run for their money, could only muster up 75 points.

Another week, another winner at Black Sheep, which seems to have the most parity of any of the bars. Viggo the Carpathian was perfect through three, and in the end held off the Satan’s Minions, 109-95. The Crotch Angels finished third. Duane’s World continued a recent slump, finishing with a 72. Rumors of a major shake-up have everyone on the team a little rattled.

With the Axis of Evil KNieval pulling a disappearing act the past few months, MAGMA is having a hard time finding fierce competition at the Good Dog. They cruised to a 98-84 win over the DaVinci Choad. It marked the 5th straght time they’ve won with JGT hosting. There are rumors of a bounty next week.

FInally, we end with a little deja vu all over again. The Sofa Kingdom only missed two questions to skate to a 113-104 win over the Western Omelette.