The Week in Review

We start on Monday, when Chip and I made our (mildy) glorious comeback at the Khyber. We move to Tuesday, where the Young, the Old and the Restless got knocked off by Smart Teammate (with Steve O. on the drums), 92-89. Move to the Bards, where we saw another upset. The Narcotyzing Dysfunktion knocked off the Kingdom, 106-100.

Upset week continued at a packed Vous on Wednesday as Trust Us We Know aced the final round to knock of the Jams, 114-109. It was their first win that I can recall since last April. The Jams only missed one question in the final round (Tikal was an important ceremonial center of what civilization? The answer: Mayans.), but still couldn’t pull off the win.

A new team won at the Black Sheep as well. Not Good Enough for the Grown Up Table was plenty good enough, blowing out the Satan’s MInions, 112-94. Duane’s World had a devastating off week, coming in next to last with a 73. Also on Wednesday, we talked about hipster fights.

Things returned to normal on Thursday, as MAGMA cruised at Good Dog and The Sofa Kingdom won big at the Bards. Both teams dedicated their wins to Pat Robertson (above) , since it was his birthday. MAGMA defeated Heather Mills Prosthetic Leg, 94-78, while the Kingdom blew by the Hurtin’ Bombs, 94-85.

Can you answer the six toughest questions of the week? Click below to find out.

1. What are the two primary vegetables in the English dish Bubble and Squeak?
2. She wrote the children’s book Dear Mr. Henshaw.
3. These venomous arachnids give birth to live young which cling to their back for several days.
4. In what cartoon will you find a creature with green armour and red hair named Android 16?
5. A Dalliance with this woman in 1987 cost Gary Hart a presidential nomination.
6. Probably the most successful blues musician of the 1920s, this lady was known as the empress of the blues.

1. Potatoes and Cabbage
2. Beverly Cleary
3. scorpions
4. Dragonball Z
5. Donna Rice
6. Bessie Smith