It’s gotta be the shoes, money

Lebron James, who is less man than product, tried to take a pot shot at Stephon Marbury, who endorses a $15 shoe so that underprivileged kids can have an NBA sponsored shoe. But Marbury owned his sorry ass. This from Newsday:
Before the game, James took a little shot at Marbury’s $14.98 kicks, saying he couldn’t imagine endorsing a sneaker that cheap. “No, I don’t think so,” James said. “Me being with Nike, we hold our standards high.”

Marbury, who is friendly with James, was lacing up his Starburys before the game when informed of LeBron’s comment. He thought about it for a moment and said, “I’d rather own than be owned.”

Oh snap!!! Yeah, you and Nike hold your standards high, don’t you Lebron? In fact, I hear that you guys pay your sweatshop workers a whole quarter an hour so they maintain those high standards.

Oh, and go ahead and guess which shoes were on the feet of the guy who hit the winning three pointer with 8.5 seconds left? Give you a hint, it wasn’t the guy who is owned.
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