Did Woody Harrelson’s Dad Kill JFK?

Woody Harrelson’s father Charles died in prison on March 15, where he was serving two life sentences for killing a judge. It was while I was talking with a huckster/conspiracy theorist named Sherman last year at Dealey Plaza that I first heard that Harrelson’s father claimed to be involved in the JFK assassination (If you have not already read this interview, I HIGHLY recommend it.) Then I came upon this in Wikipedia:
Harrelson has declared that he was involved in John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Some think he was one of the three tramps photographed after being arrested on November 22, 1963 in a boxcar in the railyard near Dealey Plaza. Harrelson’s arresting officer, Marvin L. Wise, claims that the three men in his custody were released after a few hours of questioning. The other arresting officer, David V. Harkness, testified that there were several individuals removed from the train that day other than the three individuals in the photograph. Dallas Police Department documents presented to the public in 1992 indicate that three transients arrested by Dallas officer W.E. Chambers with no connection to the assassination were jailed for six days for vagrancy, and that one of those men was named John Gedney. There is no proof that Harrelson had any connection with the assassination.

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