darth looks at – global warming again

Due to all the sincere but misguided people out there I’ll do this one more and last time. Global Warming is not Science! To the Politicians it’s power. To Scientists and Lawyers it’s money. To the Drive-By Media it’s Ideology To it’s followers it’s Blind Faith and to it’s detractors it’s Pure Hokum. But it’s only “Science” in a politically correct cover story kind of way. If it was an ‘indisputable fact’ I wouldn’t be disputing it and there’d be no need for a ‘concensus’. (“Anybody here can prove Global Warming is a fraud? You can? O.K. let’s take a vote”) What are indisputable facts are the bigger the crisis, the bigger the Grants. And the bigger the Grants the better the Life Style. Which brings up two things. 1. The advocates for Global Warming are Very Subjective and 2. If only 60% are getting on this gravy train it must be real bogus. You can question the unwilliness of the 40% who disagree for not speaking out (my guess is pressure from above; they’re getting a piece of the action too) but not their intergrity. In conclusion: 6 out of 10 Scientists choose Global Warming has all the validity of 50 years ago when 4 out of 5 Doctors chose a certain Brand of cigarettes. In a word: NONE!

Have a nice weekend, All my Friends!