Around the Horn

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-Here’s a fun Mental Floss quiz about how famous people died. I only scored a 5. Weak. (Thanks Todd for sending this in. If you see any cool stuff on the web that you think I should post, just send it to me at

-Penthouse is opening a Lounge and Grille in Philadelphia (Word on the street is that Vanessa Williams is gonna be head chef). Are they gonna have strippers? They say no, but Foobooz isn’t so sure.

-Tired of searching the web but never winning any K-Fed prizes for doing so? Well, it’s time for you to start playing with fire. (Thanks Duff for sending this in.)

Digging for treasure at the Philadelphia Presidential Mansion. And here’s the best part: Dennis Reidenbach, superintendent of Independence National Historical Park, said the park also plans to have a web-camera trained on the dig so Internet users can monitor the progress. Finally, the ultimate in video entertainment, live shoveling!