Website and Oscars

As everyone knows, after Wink Martindale, Johnny has the weakest mind of all game show hosts. Using an old Jedi trick I learned in 1st grade I had him reveal the secrets of his website. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!
I stopped watching the Oscars after Bob Hope retired but I did read the orchestra cut Al Gore off. Once a windbag always a windbag. Anybody have any comments on the show (Good! Bad! So-So) let us know.
As for the winners…Best Picture: I saw about 25 movies better than “The Departed” this year. Overllong, a pointless love interest, and too much business with those cell phones. Good acting, though. My pick – “United 93”
Best Actor/Actress – I agree with Whitaker and Mirren. Three interesting things – 1. For the FIRST time in history NONE of the Beat Actor nominees were nominated for ANY of the Best Picture nominees. 2. Peter O’Toole is the most nominated non-winner for acting (8).. At 31 Kate Winslet is the youngest 5 time acting nominee in history.
Best Supporting Actor/Actress – I didn’t see “Dreamgirls” I don’t do Musicals! I liked Arkin but did he win because of his performance? His career? Or voters changed their ballot after seeing “Norbit”? Whatever, Murphy was the only favorite who didn’t win. My picks – Jackie Earle Haley – “Little Children”; Rinko Kikuchi – “Babel” Two depressing but well-acted movies.
The rest: I didn’t see the Best Foreign Language winner or the Best Documentary winner. My picks – “Apocalypto” and “The Heart Of The Game”
What do YOU think? Agree? Disagree? If YOU disagree who do YOU thinks should have won? Feel free to embellish!