The Week in Review

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Wow, what a week it was. It started on Saturday, with the best Quizzo Bowl yet. In fact, it was so much fun, I’m thinking of a possible Summer Slam event. Whattya you guys think? Anyways, here’s the final wrap up: Here are photos, here are the final scores, and here’s the final write up. Oh, and the now infamous Flashdance video. I know of at least one ex who sent a copy of the video to all of her friends and wrote, “Yes, it’s gotten so bad that I actually dated this guy for a little while.”

We move to Monday night, with Beetle Juice on the big screen. I was expecting nobody to be there the day after the Super Bowl, but we actually got a decent crowd of about 60 or so. Chip and I decided to do a little charades instead of the Wheel, which was fun. The movie itself, well, I gotta admit, it is my 2nd least favorite Tim Burton film. (Mars Attacks is by far my least favorite Tim Burton film.) I get a little bored when he goes off the deep end.

It was back to good old fashioned quizzo on Tuesday, and we started with a wipeout at O’Neals, the Young, the Old and the Restless blew out the field with a 94. Astronaughty Pamper Pants finished 2nd with a 66.

The Sofa Kingdom had trouble shaking off their post Quizzo Bowl hangover and got flat out whooped at the Bards, as Hurtin’ Bombs beat them 106-85. Johnny Badtimes finished 2nd with an 86.

The Jams (aka Katherine Harris Tabulated Quizzo Bowl Scores, which was probably my favorite team name of the week) cruised yet again at the Death Star (aka the Vous) with a 112. Darth Ern, who has been flying Han Solo lately at the Death Star, finished an impressive 2nd with 88.

Duane’s World and the Good Time Johnnies Dot Com went down to the wire at the Black Sheep (89-89), with the World winning it in overtime on the question, “What is the population of DC?” They hit it right on the head with 550,000.

A blowout at the Good Dog on Thursday as MAGMA, perhaps still smarting from the scoring snafu that cost them 2nd at QB3, took out their frustration on their opponents, and knocked off Papas Locas 105-81.

A shootout at the Bards, as the Sofa Kingdom regained their poise and held off the Hurtin’ Bombs, 111-110. Both teams aced the final round, but a better Round One gave the Kingdom the win.