News and Notes

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Just got back from WIlmington where I watched the Super Bowl with my family. Am starting on the final story for QB3. Will have it up by tommorrow morning. (also gotta work on tonight’s Wheel of Terrific, so if I don’t get it up this afternoon, it’ll most def be up manana morning). Gonna recount all the scores to make sure we got ’em right and then post final standings tommorrow.

The pic above is a pretty wild one of the now infamous “Dumping of the tickets”, when the dancer was supposed to dump glitter on me and accidentally dumped out all of the raffle tickets on me instead. I had my eyes closed when it happened, and when the tickets hit my face, I was like, “That is big glitter.” It wasn’t until after I was done dancing that my simple mind finally realized what had happened. At the afterparty, somebody said, “You know that you’re going to need to make the dumping of the ticekts an annual part of Quizzo Bowl, don’t you? That was amazing.” And so, a tradition is born.

As for the Super Bowl, I still can’t decide what was worse: the commercials, the announcers, or Rex Grossman. I really didn’t laugh at any of the commercials, Grossman shoulda been pulled after the first interception, and Phil Simms is the stupidest man alive in America. In a night marked by incredibly worthelss “insight”, his best remark came when one of the cameramen got plowed over by a receiver. He said, honestly, “You can’t get scared down there, you can’t get cabin fever.” Yes, that is correct, Phil. You can’t get cabin fever down there. SInce cabin fever occurs when you are alone, indoors, and in the midst of freezing weather, it is extremely hard to catch when you are surrounded by 80,000 people, you are outdoors, and you are in Miami.