Jelly Roll disses Mets; Becomes Philadelphia’s 3rd favorite athlete (behind Howard and Utley)

Aw snap. Jelly Roll (I hate J-Roll and all of those first letter of first name, first four letters of last names combos. They’re played out. But Jelly Roll is fun.) is on fire, and Phillies-Mets could honestly become a great rivalry this year. First Rollins said that we’re the team to beat. David Wright of the Mets got offended. Jimmy fired back:
After he took part in the team’s first full-squad workout, he reiterated those feelings and dismissed Wright’s concerns.

“If they needed motivation to play this game, then they’re playing the wrong game,” Rollins said. “They had a chance last year to get to the World Series. Last year’s over.”

And this is the Phillies’ year?

“I want to put that pressure on [his teammates]. And myself.”

Might that not have an adverse effect?

“If you’re afraid, then I don’t want you on this team, anyway.”

I think Jelly Roll may be my new man crush. Now come on, Gillick. Get us a reliever for Lieber and it is ON!
Fun Fact: Last year, Rollins and Utley became the first pair of middle infielders in National League history to each hit more than 25 home runs in the same season.