Is this the Greatest Celebrity meltdown ever?

She is shaving her head and checking in and out of rehab on a daily basis, then trying to get into her ex-husbands house to take back her children. She’s crashing the parties of complete strangers. She apparently has picked up such a vicious drug habit that rumor has it that she shaved her head to avoid drug testing. The next thing we know she’ll be riding in a white Bronco with Al Cowlings. Question is, “Is this the worst meltdown in celebrity history?” I mean, that one dude from Milli Vanilli turned a life of drugs after they got exposed, but they weren’t early as big as Britney. Mariah had a meltdown that was fun, but not nearly this awe-inspiring in scope. Of course, there was Terrell Owens, uh, every times he leaves his house. But nothing like this that I can think of. Anybody got any other good meltdowns they can think of that even compare to this one?
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