Barristers Bracket Challenge!!!

Gonna be a great bracket challenge on the website once the NCAA tourney starts. Barristers Bar and Grille (1823 Sansom) is gonna be offering up $250 in gift certificates to the winner of the bracket challenge, and you fill out your brackets right here at starting Monday, March 12. So start studying up on your college b-ball. Or better yet, don’t. Because the person that wins these things is always “Denise from accounting” who just loves Valparaiso’s uniforms. And what is so frustrating is that she wins over good people like you, a person has been studying perimeter defense weaknesses in all of the Patriot League teams for months, and is finally gonna win the bracket challenge this year, you just know it.

Barristers is promoting the fact that it is going to have the NCAA Tourney ticket, so you will be able to see any game you choose in there, and they’re gonna have lots of specials as well. I’ll have a lot more details as we get closer to the day.