Around the Horn

-Bummer on the local blog scene. Blinq, the blog of record at and considered by many to be the best blog in the area (in fact, Blinq was named “Best Local Blog” by the City Paper in 2005) has gone offline. Daniel Rubin (above), the proprieter of said blog, is still gonna be around, but he’s gonna be writing for the actual paper. I guess that’s kool, but I’m gonna miss checking out his site every day. He did a great job keeping his ear to the ground and had a knack for finding interesting stories and blogs. Best of luck with the new position Dan!

-They’ve apparently replaced Blinq with a weather blog. Which should be really exciting and filled with lots of good tips on weatherproofing your-OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE START BLOGGING AGAIN DAN!!!

Trocadero. 7:30 p.m. tonight. Be there!

-Big winners at the Grammys last night were the Dixie Chicks, Mary J. Blige, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Is this a joke? Have any of those 3 recorded an album since 1993? What, no awards for other “hot” groups like C & C Music Factory and Right Said Fred?

-Just wanted to say congrats to La Va coffee shop on 21st and South (aka my home away from home) on their one year anniversary. Good food, good coffee, and great ambience. Congratulations on year one!