Another great Simms line

Oh, there was another thing he said that I almost forgot about. I think it was about midway thru the 2nd quarter, after it had been raining for about an hour and a half, and one of the quarterbacks made a really bad pass. Simms said, w/o sarcasm or irony but to help us better understand the game of football, “I think there might be some moisture on that ball.” GEE WHIZ, PHIL, YA THINK SO??? What makes you say that, the five fumbles so far or the pouring rain that has drenched everything below it? I mean, seriously, how high of an IQ do you think a person has to have to make the deduction that after an hour and a half of pouring down rain, “there might be some moisture on the football”? I’d say 30. So I’m gonna guess that Phil Simms has an IQ hovering around 29.