Week in Review: Upset City

It was a wild and wacky week on the quizzo front, as several of the Big Guns fell silent. A tough time to do it too, as all of these teams are desperately hoping to build some momentum going into QB3. But we begin with Snakes on a Plane. It was a huge crowd, and the Wheel of Terrific went great. With my co-host Chip Chantry off winning some contest, I got a lot of help from local comedian Pat House and the lovely Ginger. We played all new games, including “Cakes Ain’t the Same”, “Grapes In a ‘Cane”, and “Sweeptstakes to Claim”. Then it was time for the movie, of which I watched a total of 30 seconds (those 30 seconds being the makeout scene in the bathroom. What can I say, I’m 31 going on 14.) But I’m scared of snakes and not really excited about flying, so I just spent the rest of the night at the bar. After that, Ginger and I grabbed late night grub at the House of Chen. And it is here that I must rat out the lovely Ginger. I saw Philadelphia’s Beer Lass drink a Budweiser.
To read about this weeks major upsets, click below.

The madness started Tuesday at O’Neals, where we had a packed house. The Young, the Old and the Restless found themselves in a dogfight, but in the end was one of the few Big Guns to emerge with a win this week. They defeated Philly Hardcore and Spam I Am 95-94-94.

Tuesday night at the Bards saw the Sofa Kingdom not only blow a 4th round lead, but fall out of the money, as Can We Get Extra Cholesterol With That and Mr. and Mrs. Utley each finished with 91. The match went into overtime, but both teams knew when Peyton Manning was born (1976). So we went into Double OT. The question was, “When did Seinfeld win it’s only Emmy for Best Comedy”? Extra Cholesterol guessed ’95, Utley guessed ’97. The correct answer was ’93 and Cholesterol took the gold.
Another night, another upset on Wednesday, as a fully loaded Jams team got knocked off by regulars 1022, 94-89. This weeks weekly double seemed to trip up a lot of the bigwigs. “What is the largest New England city north of Boston?” The answer was Manchester. The Jams missed it, 1022 got it, and walked away with the win.

Normalcy returned at the Black Sheep, as Duane’s World got the weekly double, the Satan’s Minion’s missed it, and the World won by ten. But the real story of this match was the meltdown by the Black Sheeps most historic franchise, the WTF. They had a near perfect 62 going into Round four, but only answered two questions correctly in the impossible round, and had to settle for a 72.

Thursday night was marked by a trick question that most of the low scoring teams got right, and most of the high scoring teams got wrong. In the 4th round, JGT asked, “What destroyed the city of Kalapana, HI in 1990?” The obvious answer seemed to be lava (or, as several teams at the Dog answered, MAGMA), but most of the high scoring teams thought that would be too easy for round four, so they wrote tsunami. One of those teams was MAGMA, who fell at the Good Dog. It was the first time since early November that the winner at the Dog was neither MAGMA nor the Axis of Evil Knieval. Ocho Cinco came away with a 92-84 win.
The final upset came at the Bards. The Kingdom had too many people, so they had to split into two teams, Sofa and a Kingdom Divided. The split diluted their superpowers, and they fell to A Couple of Paramours, 112-106-103. All three teams missed the lava question. JGT asked one of the team members of Paramours for her phone number. She said no. Johnny will ensure that they never win again.