The Week In Review

We start on Monday, with the showing of The Shining. I thought the Wheel was going to be a disaster, since people attending a horror movie usually aren’t in the best frame of mind to laugh out loud. But the crowd dug it. The best game was probably “Snowy Labyrinth of Death,” in which a woman had to make her way out a labyrinth that consisted of three boxes before she froze to death. She did. The movie was awesome. At one point, I wandered downstairs and watched it by myself in the main ballroom for a few minutes, with an empty old bar behind me. Creepy.

Tuesday saw a blowout at O’Neals, as Dork Sided cruised to a 107-91 win over the Young the Old and the Restless. The Dorks only missed one question in the final two rounds, acing the popular “Wacky TV Neighbors Round”. (The only question they missed, “What team did the Bears beat 73-0 in the 1940 championship game?” The answer is the Redskins. Early in that game, with the Bears only up 7-0, a Redskin receiver dropped a pass in the end zone. After the game, Redskin QB Sammy Baugh was asked if that play had made a major difference in the game. He said, “Yeah, that would have made it 73-7.”)

A shootout at the Bards, as the Sofa Kingdom continued a recent slump with a 116-109 loss to State of the Unibrow. The only thing the Kingdom didn’t know in the final two rounds was where Queen Fabiola lives (Belgium), but the Unibrow answered all of the final round questions correctly and posted one of the highest scores ever.
The Jams were the third straight team to score 107 or higher, as they also only missed the question about the Queen (above) in the final two rounds and defeated 1022, 108-96.

A fight nearly erupted before the Black Sheep quizzo. The Champs had decided to warm up for QB3 with a game at the Sheep. They got there at around 7, and with all the tables full, asked one table of two girls were staying for quizzo. The girls said no, but changed their minds an hour later. Low class move, and the talk got a little heated before the Champs packed their bags and headed down to Fado.

It was at Black Sheep that we had our first nail biter. Again, the Belgian queen was screwing up everybody. The Crotch Angels wrote down Belgium, but scratched it out and went with Spain. It cost them the match, as Satan’s Minions edged them, 104-103, despite missing the Queen’s nationality as well.

MAGMA was shorthanded at the Good Dog, and it showed, as they finished 4th. Mary Jane Rottencrotch cruised to a 92-79 win over The Cactus Where Theresa’s Heart should be.

The Sofa Kingdom finally got off the snide with a 99-92 win on Thursday. And In Third Place Is… finished 2nd. The best answer all week was to the question, “This famous Los Angeles restaurant, named after a piece of clothing, was where the Cobb Salad was invented.’ I was unable to accept “Wife Beaters Grill.” The answer was the Brown Derby.