Spam presents: Around the horn

01-20-2007 003 (Custom).jpg
-If any big time drug dealers in Tennessee are reading this, remember that it’s that time of year again: time to apply for your Drug tax stamp.

-Oh yeah, my review on Rocky: It’s very sappy and melodramatic, but he also pays loving homage to both the character and the city of Philly. I thought they should have made the match between he and Antonio Tarver 3 rounds, which would have made the whole thing a lot more realistic. And you can see the Bards in one of the scenes. I would definitely recommend it, if only to see all the spots in Philly.

-Don’t you hate it when you are watching porn at night and you see a window shot and there is light out and it reminds you that the porn was taped and edited days earlier and it just ruins the whole fantasy? No? Well, who cares, you’re gonna watch live porn anyway.

K-Fed is set to appear in a Super Bowl commercial! Man, I hope he’s rapping in it! That would mean that K-Fed and I would be rapping on back to back days! Like Blood Brothers! Uh, no wait, nevermind. I almost forgot that I’m retired from the rap game.