Should Boise State play for the National Title?

The game between Boise State and Oklahoma was one of the greatest I’ve ever seen, and had possibly the greatest finish I’ve ever witnessed. The hook and ladder has always been my favorite play and I have used it at least once every time I play football. To use it on 4th and 18, then to run the QB in motion on 4th down so your running back could throw the football, then to run what wasn’t really a Statue of Liberty but that’s what everybody’s calling it (I say we call it the Boise State Backhand) was more ballsy than any group of plays that I’ve seen a coach call ever. It was as if the coach not only wanted to win, but he wanted to win in style. So now the question, “Is this the way we should remember Boise State? Brilliant play calling, a thrilling finish, the RB proposing to his girlfriend? Or should we see what Boise could do against Florida or Ohio State?”
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