Save a dogs life!

I just got this email from my friend Meghan at the PSPCA. If you or any of your friends are looking for a dog, please let her know ASAP. Thanks!
PAWS, Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, URGENTLY NEEDS YOUR HELP. We have a Female, Mix Pit Bull named Thea currently in our care that needs foster care. She was scheduled to get euthanized until I found her and she started licking my hand. I stopped the authorization so I could try my best to save her life. Now I really need your help. She came in on 1/9, with an open wound and scars on her leg after being injured in some way. We have had her on medication until the stray hold was up, but we simply do not have the resources to keep her in our care. We desperately need someone to step up to the plate and help her get what she truly deserves. When most dogs come to shelters, they are shaking and scared, trusting no one. This poor girl acts like nothing is wrong, wagging her tail and giving neverending kisses, while dangling her leg, maybe it’s because she knows I’m trying to save her.
We cannot keep her through the weekend, therefore we need to find her foster care by the end of the day Friday, 1/12 or she will be placed to sleep.

Please do not let this happen, contact me immediately at (215)852-3999 or at If I had a camera handy I would take a picture so you could see how beautiful she is. If you cannot help, please pass this to someone who you think can.