My favorite mayor presents: Around the Horn

-Friends recall Napoleon’s cowardly fight with cancer.

-Happy Anniversary to my favorite mayor in world history, Marion “Bitch Set Me Up” Barry. It was on this date in 1990 that, well, that bitch set him up. Here are some hilarious Marion Barry quotes.

-Remember last week, when there was still a chance that we might have a home playoff game, so they told us that those wildly swaying “fun ramps” were safe? Well, now that we’re not having a home game, they can let the cat out of the bag: they’re, um, sort of safe but not THAT safe, so they’re gonna make ’em stronger before next year.

-Congrats to the Sixers, who pulled off a very important loss last night. The Memphis Grizzlies had a worse record than us and could have gained a two game advantage on us in the Greg Oden sweepstakes. But with our backs against the wall, we came out sucking like we’ve never sucked before, and were able to fend them off and take the loss.