Meet Amber, the woman who’s gonna help you find a Little Brother!

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Well, we’re kicking into gear this week as I start recruiting people to do their part to make Philly the greatest city in the country. As I said before, it takes more than great restaurants, museums, and nightlife. It also takes a feeling of community, an honest effort by its citizens to go the extra mile to help those less fortunate. Amber Adamson at BBBS is going to help me achieve my goal by matching you with prospective Little Brothers. Here’s a bit more about her and about our mission:

My name is Amber Adamson and I work at Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern PA (BBBS SEPA). I have lived in the Philly area for the past 10 years (wow, that long already- I AM getting old). I was a student at Swarthmore and Penn, and have held a few different postions in the past 6 years-working first as a teacher for kids with learning disabilities, a year doing an Americorps VISTA and then of course, Big Brothers Big Sisters. Outside of work, I enjoy celebrity gossip, drinking wine, wearing high heels and going to the beach (THE SHORE)!

Johnny Goodtimes volunteers as a Big Brother with BBBS. He wanted to start the New Year off on the right foot by helping to recruit MORE MEN to become Big Brothers for BBBS. I am here to help YOU start 2007 right by learning more about how to become a “Big” like Johnny.

So, let me tell you about BBBS SEPA. Our “Bigs” (adults who volunteer to be friends with a child) and “Littles” (what the children are called) do simple things together, like playing football in the park, playing video games or even going grocery shopping. It’s quite simple and easy – these children simply need someone in their life to spend time with them and show them that someone cares.

Not to scare you, but but we have about 1,000 boys who are waiting to be matched for a Big Brother, and honestly, we don’t have enough men to pair them with.

This is where you come in. We are looking for a few good men to step up and spend a few hours a month with a boy in our program. You and your friends can be just what the boys on our waiting list need. You don’t need to be an expert to be a mentor. If you can be yourself and have fun, you can be a “Big”! Johnny Goodtimes is a Big Brother and he LOVES it- just ask him. See if it sounds like something YOU would want to do.

Johnny has committed to getting 100 boys off the waiting list and matched to a Big Brother by the end of 2007. Want to help?

Just give me a shout and we can start the process.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Amber Adamson
Work: 215-790-9200 ext. 306
Cell: 215-917-1311