Johnny Goes to the Dentist

crazy teeth.jpg
Got a toothache about a week ago and got a dentist appointment for today. When your cheap ass health insurance doesn’t cover much dental work, you go to the ghetto dentist, the one that doesn’t have a computer or detailed “records”, where you hold your own drool sucky thing (drool sucky thing, or DST, is the actual medical term) during the procedure, and where the TV in the waiting room is showing Jerry Springer. Today’s episode sucked. It was, “I’m a lesbian and I’m having a baby.” Booo-ring. That’s so Phil Donahue 1985. I used to watch a lot of Springer in college, but I must have quit at the right time, b/c it really sucks now.

This dentist office only accepts cash, and you have to pay them before they do the procedure. But it was kind of funny, b/c I was already novocained up when they asked for the money. I guess if I hadn’t have had cash on me, they would have just kicked me out, but I would have gotten a free numb mouth out of the deal. I got a cavity filled ($75), and if I don’t feel a toothache over the next week, then I won’t need a root canal. The dentist was actually a pretty funny guy, and I’m not coughing up blood, so I think it went well. If you have cheap ass health insurance and like Jerry Springer, I highly recommend him.