Goodtimes hears from Dimeo’s Lawyer

Dunno if you read the comment left under the Year in Review November, but I will quote it here, then offer my reaction. It is in reference to this:
Be advised that your above reference to Mr. DiMeo in the City Paper awards was done purely out of humor on the part of A.D. Amorosi of the Philly City Paper and was NOT actually part of the CP Awards. Thus the reason it was not published and only posted online.

For you to state this as if it were a material fact, is not accurate. The City Paper has recently clarified that it was indeed posted online only for humor and meant no harm to anyone involved. It has since been complely removed by City Paper, yet you seem to mislead your audience into thinking it was actually part of the CP awards.

We request that you add clarification to your online statements and remove the innacurate statements completely.

If you wish to discuss this matter, feel free to contact me directly at (215) 399-1346, as I am currently representing, Mr. DiMeo as Plaintiff in other related litigation.

Thank you.

To read Johnny’s response, click below.

Dear Alan,

I must have misunderstood what the City Paper meant by “Worst Party Promoter Ever”. I thought they meant “Worst Party Promoter Ever”. Thank you for clarifying the matter. I should have known that it might be satire. After all, Anthony Dimeo throws absolutely wonderful parties and every single person attending always has a great time.

As soon as I receive a letter from the City Paper informing me that their post entitled “Worst Party Thrower/Promoter Ever Who Probably Thinks He’s the Best Party Thrower/Promoter Ever” was indeed satire, I will remove the offending mention from my website. Until then, I wish not to make assumptions on what the City Paper really meant, as they did not carry a disclaimer in the article you refer to. You and I both know what assuming does, don’t we Alan? In the meantime, please inform your client that in no way did I mean to tarnish his sterling reputation as a one of America’s best party promoters when quoting the City Paper. If you wish to discuss this matter, please feel free to contact me directly at

Thank you,
Johnny Goodtimes