Calling All Virgins!

-There is talk of a TV reality show called “Virgin Territory” in which Jenna Jameson and Paris Hilton will teach people how to lose their virginity. Yeah, nothing should calm those “first time” jitters like knowing that 60 million Americans are gonna laugh their asses off when you struggle to undo her bra strap. And in case you are wondering, the answer is no, I will not be losing my virginity on this show.

Rocky gets dissed for winning an Oscar, 30 years later. This great line from the director of Network: “I’ve been nominated five times,” the director told The Associated Press last year. “But on two occasions, I got so pissed off about what beat us. With ‘Network,’ we were beaten out by ‘Rocky’ for Christ’s sake.”

This is hilarious. And people say that giant corporations are just unfeeling monoliths. For shame.

-This from a story about a person named Niaja who bought and sold counterfeit prescription pills such as Viagra and Percoset: Kane used the screen name “moreandmoreNiaja” to facilitate the Internet purchases. The bogus drugs were then shipped from China to Kane in Philadelphia. Again, kids, if you are going to do something illegal on the internet, it is somewhat wise to not use your actual name, especially when you are probably like one of 3 people in the entire city named “Niaja”.

FOX 29 has decided to trash it up a little. Sweet!