Week in review

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We turned it up to 11 on Monday of this week, and it stayed one higher all week long. Spinal Tap played on Monday, and though I would have liked to have seen a few more of you who voted for it, I understand that it was the Monday after Thanksgiving, so I’m gonna let this one slide. We still had a good crowd, and they seemed to enjoy Wheel of Terrific games such as Big Bottom and Lick My Love Pump. I’m telling you guys, you’ve got to check out the Wheel. You all would love it.

Check to see if your team made the bold print, read about controversy on Tuesday, a major upset on Wednesday, and a bounty bowl, after the jump.

On Tuesday, the speed round was, “List countries that start with a ‘P’ or an ‘R’.” E Pluribus Funk (the team that always changes its name) put down “Republic of Ireland” for one. I thought that was a stretch, and the World Atlas has it listed under the letter “I” alphabetically. Therefore I did not acept it, and E Pluribus Funk protested loudly when they lost the match by one point, 102-101, to the Young, the Old and the Restless. Their grievances went largely ignored, however, and the win remained in the books for YOR. Britney’s Kitten has no Whiskers finished 3rd.

Tuesday night at the Bards was a barnburner, as the Sofa Kingdom and the Satan’s Minions finished tied at 107. But the overtime question, “How many home runs did Mike Schmidt hit in his career?” was answered correctly by the Kingdom, and they took home first place yet again. 2 Step Hustle and Flow put up an impressive 105, but finished out of the money.

Wednesday saw our first major upset of the week, as 1022 held off the Jams for their first win in a year and a half, 96-90. Trust us We Know had a comfortable lead going into the final round, but crashed and burned, finishing in third with 87.

Speaking of crashing and burning, defending champs WTF held a one point lead going into Round Four at the Black Sheep, only to lose by 14 to eventual champs Duane’s World. The Crotch Angels finished 2nd with 101.

A mild upset at Good Dog as the Axis of Evil Knieval, who in recent months had proverbially failed at clearing 14 buses on their motorcycles and landed awkwardly, were finally able to rocket across the figurative Green River, holding off H to Da Hizzo, Q to da Quizzo, 91-86. MAGMA, who had behaved like the NY Giants this week, arguing ferociously over whether hip-hop, Democrats and Jennifer Aniston were overrated, looked to be a team in turmoil, finishing in 3rd with 83.

No turmoil for another favorite, as the Sofa Kingdom continues to roll. They cruised past the Isle of Lucy (the team tha always changes its name) 96-89. Tom Selleck is a Gentle Lover finished 3rd with an 85. This was the 10th straight win for the Kingdom, causing Johnny to offer a $25 bounty on their heads in each match next week, Tuesday and Thursday. That means that any team that can defeat the Kingdom will receive the $40 gift card plus $25 cash for a total of $65. Not too shabby.