Malia and Popo present: Around the Horn

12-15-2006 018 (Custom).jpg
-New York always has to one up us, don’t they? Our Taco Bells serve bad onions, so they get a restaurant which serves polonium-310. Touche, NYC. Touche.

What’s the big deal about Nicole Richie driving in the carpool lane? Who, in an effort to get somewhere on time, hasn’t pulled a “fast one” and slipped into the carpool lane for just a few minutes? High on Vicotin? Driving the wrong way?

-I’m still loving hot chicks with douchebags.

-Quick reminder: Carpe Diem, because no-one is promised tomorrow.

-Attention girl at the gym with the pretty eyes that I tried so pathetically to hit on today: If you are reading this, I want you to know that I’m not usually that big of a weirdo toolbag. Nevermind, yes I am. Damnit!