Week In Review

11-03-2006 002 (Custom).jpg
It all started on Monday (as so many weeks do) with a showing of Teen Witch at the Trocadero. Now, in case you are wondering who listens to the Preston and Steve Show, it is apparently women who just love Teen Witch. I suspect that they wouldn’t do very well at quizzo. No offense, of course. But anyway, I told you there were gonna be a ton of women at this thing, and I was right. The Wheel of Terrific was pretty terrific, though Preston and Steve didn’t seem real interested and just announced that we were doing “some quizzo thing” upstairs. I hate to say it, but it’s true: Chip and I are a hell of a lot funnier than Preston and Steve. But they are obviously a lot more popular among the Teen Witch crowd. The highlight of the Wheel was when an unsuspecting contestant ate an apple filled with razor blades, though things did get a little bloody.

The 4th Annual Halloween Spooktacular began on Tuesday, as the Embarrasmintz returned to the winners circle at O’Neals with a 103-82 win over Johnny’s Wig is Atrocious. A team consisting of two women was called I Hope I don’t See Johnny in the Mirror tonight. (Congrats to O’Neals, btw, who not only won for best sports bar, but who also celebrated their 27th anniversary on Thursday). At the Bards, it was the Table of the Damned who earned a 95-86 win over the Dysfunktion, helped along by four points they earned by dressing up. Wednesday saw a blowout, and a huge upset.

The Jams took the title yet again at the ‘Vous on Tuesday, bashing the Frankenberries, 87-70. With the Jams being all but unstoppable lately, there has been talk of a potential bounty bowl next week. At the Black Sheep, there was a huge upset, as All Work and No Play Makes Johnny a Dull Boy, a perennial last place finisher, recruited a few new members and knocked off the Minions 101-90. I love it when teams make the effort to recruit new members and it pays off. Meanwhile, one team played only the first round, with a team name too crude to repeat. They then wrote, “I Refuse to Play Anymore. Long Live Rory and Fado Pub Trivia.” Was this a setup by the Fado quizzo guy? Or were these just two renegades who love Fado quizzo so much that they had to let JGT know?

No surprises at the Good Dog, as MAGMA won a blowout, 105-70, over My Lisping Friend. There were no big shocks at the Bards, either, as the Kingdom beat the S***Hawks, 109-92. The questions were the same all week, but I did change the weekly double in Round Four at a few different bars. The hardest questions? Apparently the one about the 1988 Wes Craven movie was a doozie (The Serpent and the Rainbow). Also, the question, “What was the name of the butler that Jack talks with in the bathroom of the Shining?” The answer was “Grady.” And we also learned, on Tuesday and Wednesday, that I was the worst Kim Jong Il ever