Rocky Horror! Two Major Upsets this week!

11-10-2006 001 (Custom).jpg
The week began with Rocky Horror at the Troc on Monday. We had a great crowd for the Wheel of Terrific, and they were treated to games such as “Jenga of the Undead” and “The Reverend Ted Experience”, in which a contestant had to speak out about the abomination of gay marriage, then get a massage from a gay prostitute. Of course, they were also treated to sexy bartender Marianne (above) and a Rocky Horror troupe performing the movie onstage.

Click below to read about this week’s major upsets and best team names.

The Young, the Old, and the Restless were victorious at O’Neals, edging a one man force known as End of the Bar, 91-86. Defending champs The Embarrasmintz finished in 3rd with 85. Playing with Fire had an impressive performance thru three rounds with a 60, but fell to pieces in the 4th round and finished with a 75.

The Sofa Kingdom won at the Bards, knocking off Narkotizing Santorum, 111-100, as the light crowd kept one eye on the television, the majority hoping against hope that the Dems would pull out narrow wins in Missouri, Montana, and Virginia.

The first major upset of the week came at the Vous on Wednesday, as a Frothy Mix knocked off the Jams, 100-98. The match came down to the final question, “What writer called the 70s the ‘Me Decade’?” The Jams answered Gore Vidal, while the Frothy Mix had the correct answer, Tom Wolfe. 1022 finished tied for 2nd with a 98, despite missing three more questions than the Jams (They got the weekly doubles right in rounds three and four, while the Jams got them wrong.)

A near upset at the Black Sheep, as Duane’s World had to come from 13 down in the final round to slip past the Krazy Kazakh’s, 95-93. K-Fed’s Minions finished third with 91. Two great team names at the Sheep. Santorum No More-Um was one, and I Was a Republican Senator, Would You Like Fries With That? was the other.

Giant Douche or Terd Sandwich knocked off MAGMA at the Good Dog, 95-91. In fact, MAGMA finished out of the money, as the No Talent Ass Clowns finished 2nd with a 93. MAGMA’s lack of subscriptions to US Weekly were exploited in Round Three, the “Celebrity Gossip” wild card round, as they went from first place to sixth over the course of that single round, and even a 45 in the final round wasn’t enough to come back.

No upsets at the Bards on Thursday, as the Kingdom blew out the competition, crushing My Dad Has An Amazing Body, 106-80. The game was interrupted midway thru as the bar watched the TV, witnessing the end of the Rutgers upset of Louisville.