Photo lands JGT in trouble with Fiancee, Crips

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A photo of JGT that surfaced on the AP wire this morning has Johnny’s fiancee angry, as well as leaders of LA street gang the Crips. “Johnny’s fiancee, who finds him very attractive and thinks he has a great sense of humor, was not pleased when she saw photos of him seeming to enjoy a beer with another female after Tuesday night quizzo,” said a friend of the couple who asked not to be identified. “When she saw the photo, Johnny fiancee said that he had ‘humiliated himself’ and then called him a couple of names I’d rather not repeat. Johnny ran from the room crying like a little girl. His fiancee is furious, but she still finds Johnny very handsome and charming. She loves tie dye.”

Meanwhile, Lamar “Knuckles” Jackson of the Crips was not pleased with the photo either. “I am a big fan of Johnny’s website,” said Knuckles, who lives in Compton, CA. “I find it both informative and entertaining. But I am concerned by the fact that JGT seems to be a fan of our arch rivals, the Bloods. If you see Johnny,” Knuckles continued while pulling a sawed off shotgun out of his closet, “Please ask him to reconsider his affiliations. I hear Southwest is flying onto Philly these days, and their prices are very reasonable.”