BCS: Bull Crap System

I’m assuming the BCS is desperately hoping that Rutgers loses to West Virginia in the final game of the season. Otherwise, they will be left out of the college football championship for one simple reason: they weren’t good enough in July, which is really when the NCAA championship should be decided, don’t you think? Since the coaches didn’t have them ranked back then, they can’t have them at #3 now, despite the fact that they play the exact same schedule as Louisville and beat Louisville. Why was Louisville allowed to move to #3? Because they were ranked in the top 20 at the start of the season. If Rutgers goes undefeated, then a team eligible for the BCS will be one of two college teams to win all of its games and still won’t get to play for the national championship. Which is patently absurd! If the Big East isn’t good enough to play for the national championship, then they shouldn’t be in the freaking BCS!

Of course, Rutgers in the championship game would be hard for the NCAA to sell. America hates the underdog. That’s why Rocky fizzled at the box office, and why the the first two rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament are a yearly failure. Yeah, it would be a hard sell, a team that lost by scores of 61-0, 50-0, 80-7, and 42-0 in coach Greg Schiano’s first year turning it around and playing for a national title five years later. I mean, I doubt it would be the greatest f****** sports story ever since the Miracle on Ice. Of course, if the NCAA had been in charge of the 1980 Olympics, they probably would have just handed a forfeit to the Russians since they were so much better. Idiots.