Annotated Weekly:JGT and Charlie Manuel, together at last

Hey, I got a couple of things in this week’s Philadelphia Weekly. First of all, I am on page 26 right next to Charlie Manuel which I am for some reason extremely amused by. I was asked what my favorite movie was. I think you people know what I answered. Then, I was on a pub crawl Saturday with the lovely Ginger (aka Suzanne) and Trivia Art when we bumped into Brook, a writer for the Weekly. She did a short write up about the evening. As for the, “So who likes hummers?” line, I think was actually talking about Jerseyites and their affinity for those obnoxious vehicles, not making a desperate pitch to nearby gay men. I did say that McGillan’s Old Ale House had the whitest jukebox in Philly, but I then added, “It’s even whiter than Ten Stone’s,” which is a real insult, since I have long held Ten Stone’s jukebox to be the Holy Grail of crappy jukeboxes. As far as the “The opportunity is the beauty of being an American” line, Trivia Art seems to remember that I was trying to make a point about transvestites.

My own personal favorite line of the night was when we walked into Ludwigs, and there was a band that was playing the slowest, sappiest music ever. As we turned on our heels and walked out, I said, “Did somebody get their card? I want them to play my funeral.” Finally, one last aside. When we went to the wine bar, we decided to order a certain type of wine simply because it’s description read that it had “hints of ham”. I took one sip, and exclaimed, “Mmmmmmm, it’s just like a sandwich in a glass!” All in all, a damn fun night.