Week in Review

10-29-2006 007 (Custom).jpg
History was made at JGT quizzo this week, as something remarkable happened on Thursday night. But the week started with a blowout on Tuesday. Palestra Jon and Skippy joined forces and the Three Amigos won in one of the biggest blowouts in quizzo history, 102-69, over the defending champs The Embarrasments. Scores were low at the Bards, as teams struggled with the “Mysteries of the Unknown” Round. The Sofa Kingdom changed their weekly double answer and got it right, winning 90-82 over Kenny Rogers Has Poo on His Hand. Scores would rise, drastically, on Wednesday, as one team flirted with a perfect game.

The Jams were on fire on Wednesday, but they had to keep looking over their shoulder the entire way as Julia’s Caesar (aka The River of Rocks) kept the heat on the whole way. But the Jams were not to be denied, as they missed only one question all night (What ancient chronicler was the first person to write about the city of Atlantis? They answered Homer, the correct answer was Plato. Perfect game blown by a Homer. Yeah, I just thought of that one. All by myself.) It was one of the highest scoring matches ever, as the Jams held off Caesar, 116-112.
Meanwhile, three players on the Blueberry Sheep Panics argud over who had the best cuff links. I’ll give you one guess as to what their profession is. Yes, that is correct.

Duane’s World won at the Black Sheep, edging Belga 101-99, as the Minions fell to a devastating third place finish.

MAGMA’s win at the Good Dog wasn’t historic, but what happened at the end of the match certainly was. Question number 8 of round four was, “What did a sports fan named Krazy George bring to the sports world 25 years ago this month?” The correct answer was the wave. At which point, the contestants pulled off the first wave in JGT quizzo history, a wave that went all the way around the room. (Self absorption moment: My best story in my cross country trip had to do with the wave. Read it here.)
Finally, at the Bards, the team that always changes it’s name put up a good fight, and almost made the comeback in the final round, but it wasn’t quite enough as the Sofa Kingdom pulled off the 91-87 victory.

Here are a few things we learned this week: In 199, a judge in Chicago approved a mandatory $3 rebate to anyone who had bought this groups album. Answer: Milli Vanilli. Next question. This is the name of a section of the Alps in Italy, a mineral found in crystal, and a 1975 blaxploitation film. Answer: Dolomite. Finally, I leave you with some more info on one of the answers to the Mysteries of the Unknown wild card round: mysterious skyacker DB Cooper.