Tiki Barber Throws Smackdown on Crackpipe

I hate the Giants as much as anybody else. But I do love Tiki Barber, for a number of reasons. First, he’s from Virginia and I’m proud to have such a classy guy from my native state. No tirades on the sidelines, no drug abuse, no trashing his teammates. Second, he’s on my fantasy team and scores me tons of points every single week. Third, after Michael Irvin said this week that he was “quitting, not retiring,” the usually mild mannered Barber fired back. He snapped at Gary Myers and Tom Jackson first, then went after Irvin. “That includes the ultimate character guy, facetiously speaking of course, Michael Irvin. Please get a clue on how to be a journalist.” Booyaka shot! Isn’t it great when Crackpipe Irvin tries to attack a guy for lack of character, and the guy, who has more character in his pinky than Crackpipe has in his whole body, fires back? And I would suggest Irvin let the issue slide. Tiki has, honestly, probably a good 50 or 60 IQ points on you (he was valedictorian of his senior class and received an academic scholarship to UVA), so any argument your feeble mind comes up with is gonna be a loss.