Those wacky Republicans!

Rush Limbaugh thinks that Michael J. Fox was “acting” when he displayed the effects of Parkinson’s in a political ad. Hey Rush, were you “acting” when you had that ear problem? Or was that a common side effect of drug addiction?

-Rick Santorum says that a vote for Casey will let the North Koreans think that we are weak on nuclear defense, and will immediately attack us with a nuclear weapon. Then the North Koreans will make our children gay and try to hurt the baby Jesus!

-Speaking of gay, there is a judge in New Jersey who is deciding whether or not gay marriage should be legal. Most of those opposing gay marriage are, of course, Republicans. It’s amazing to me that these guys who wrap themselves so much in the flag think that all Americans are deserving of equal rights under the stars and stripes…except the GAYS! But there is a good reason to not give gays equal rights. I have it on good word that gays love North Korea and they hate freedom! They also hate the baby Jesus!

-Republicans hate Ken Jennings! Ok, so that’s not true, but I figured I’d close out with something more trivia related. Ken Jennings just released a book about trivia, and talks about it at length here. Thanks, Dan, for sending this in.