This baseball poll pisses me off

Now, I know that polls are totally worthless and stupid, but I still want to take a minute to be pissed off at this one. The number one problem people had with baseball was the player’s salaries. What? I still have no idea why people hate to see athletes make what the market can bear. I really can’t. It would be different if anybody could hit a 98 mph fastball and these guys got picked out of a hat. It’s not. These are some of the most amazing human specimens on earth and thousands of people are happy to pay to watch them every night. Hey, if 35,000 people played quizzo every night, I’d expect to make $3 million a year too. Why doesn’t anyone think the owners make too much? Apparently it’s OK for old white guys to make a fortune off of baseball, but not OK for young people from a variety of backgrounds to make money off of it? I think that people are just jealous of young people with money, and they’re easy to lash out against. It’s just good old fashioned playa-hating, pure and simple.