Mets lose! Mets lose!

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. This World Series final is rather intriguing for the Phils, because they don’t have a third baseman, and this series will feature two former Phils who can ably handle the hot corner and who bat about .100 points high than Nunez. Yeah, the Cards may have Rolen the Tigers may have Polanco, but we’ve got the rights to Bud Smith and a relief pitcher rotting in a Venezuelan jail (above). We’ll also achieve total consciousness shortly before we die, so we’ve got that going for us.

Of course, this series also features managing genius Jim Leyland, who the Phils could’ve had, but decided against because he smokes and first thing he wanted to do as manager was get rid of Pat Burrell. What? Get rid of Pat Burrell? Is he crazy? Pat Burrell is better than anyone in baseball at watching a third strike pass by. How can you let that go? (Wonder who Joe Girardi is going to lead to the playoffs next year while we miss it by a game as our manager blows ten games single handedly.) But I’m not bitter.