Around the Horn

-Wow, what a great weekend to be a football fan at Lincoln Financial Field, as Philly’s favorite fooball team, the Temple Owls, pulled out a victory after 20 straight losses. The win over the same Bowling Green team that beat them 70-14 last year proved that they are no longer college football’s doormat.

-There was also a pro game at the Linc yesterday, but the dangerously high dose of liquid Valium I took following the game has caused me to forget what happened.

Camden is no longer America’s most dangerous city! Hooray Camden! Why, I think I’m going to walk over to North Camden after the movie tonight to join in the celebration! Bonus Camden Fun Fact: There was a pro basketball team in Camden in the 1960s. They were called the Bullets. I’m not kidding.

K-Fed’s having to cancel his concerts. Apparently, nobody is buying tickets! I think people are just scared to “Play With Fire!” (notice the fire in his drink! So cool!)
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