This is Pathetic

If TO had taken 35 pills, would doctors really let him practice football the next day? I mean, seriously. I don’t know what happened last night, but I believe what Terrell says. Remember a couple of years ago when everyone was convinced that Mike Piazza was gay, so he had to answer questions about it? I think this is even more pathetic than that. Nice job, drive-by media. I forgot, what type of champagne was John Mark Karr drinking on the plane?

Yeah, there were two things that could have happened last night. Either he had an allergy or he tried to commit suicide. But “Suicide” makes for much sexier headlines, more page views, and higher ratings. So you go with the suicide story and don’t lend any credence to the other very possible story. Another miserable perormance by our unaccountable news media who doesn’t report news, but reports speculation.