The meltdown

Hey gang, I was able to get my hands on some video of the Eagles fourth quarter performance last night.

It was the first Eagles game I had ever seen at the Linc, and boy was I excited. The pageantry, the ability to see things that you couldn’t see on TV, the intensity of the fans. On top of that, after the 3rd quarter, I turned to someone and said, “Man, we look like the ’88 Forty Niners out there!” After three quarters, you would not have found a person wearing Eagle green who was not 100% convinced that we were going to the Super Bowl. Then, the meltdown. First, a strange forward fumble led to a touchdown. No big deal. Still a 10 point lead. Then, a Westbrook fumble. Another touchdown. It was as if God were testing a new vacuum, and had decided to see if he could suck the life out of 70,000 people at once. By the time Trent Cole kicked a guy, giving the Giants an easy field goal, it felt like we were at a funeral for a head of state. 70,000 people in a mournful silence. Overtime was nothing but a formality, and the zombies began filing out, muttering things about Andy Reid being fired and that this was worse than the Niner game. (The Eagles gave up 227 yards passing in the 4th quarter to Joe Montana in 1989 as the Niners came back to win.) It was worse than the Niner game. That was gainst Joe Freaking Montana. This was against Eli Manning. And hey, say what you will about the Oilers vs. the Bills in that playoff game. At least that meltdown happened on the road. This was a pathetic performance, and this team isn’t going to the Super Bowl. After exhibiting that they have no heart, no discipline, and no character, they’ll be lucky to make the playoffs.