Couple of things

First off, Nike is coming out with a new Pee Wee Herman shoe. I am not kidding. It is grey with a red lip, and has a picture of Pee Wee sitting in a movie theatre on the inside. Furthermore, this is apparently not a joke. Thanks to Dawn for letting me know about this. Next up, Philly got absolutely fileted by comedian Bill Burr on Saturday night. I mean, we’re talking so unsafe for work that you will be immediately fired and have your house confiscated within 12 seconds of pushing play. I’m sending you to D-Mac’s site to see it so that my mom can’t say that I had this vitriolic diatribe on my own site. I mean, it is scathing! Apparently, comedy legend Dom Irrera got booed and left the stage early. Well, Bill Burr is a friend of Dom Irrera, and he ripped the crowd to pieces, calling the city racist, incredibly stupid and says that terrorists will never attack our city because it is so worthless. Well, those were the nicer things he said. For the nastier stuff, checkout the video. My favorite part? F***** Rocky is your f***** hero. The whole pride of your city is built around a guy who doesn’t f***** exist. F***** Joe Frazier is from there, but he’s black, so you can’t f***** use him. So you make a statue for a f***** three foot tall Italian you stupid f***** cheese eatin’ f***** jackasses.