Around the horn

*We just saw that our good friend over at Blinq, Dan Rubin, thinks that Paris Hilton is a genius. In other news, we just lost all respect for one of our favorite bloggers.

*A couple of days ago, Philebrity broke the beatdown offered by Philly’s finest in Old City. Am I the only one who hopes that police start beating down random clubgoers in Old City every weekend?

*Johnny ain’t the only one reviewing local pizza.

*If you haven’t already, read the lively debate about the casinos in the comments section under my Big Bopper interview.

*And finally, I got a text message on my cell phone last night, moments after asking Trivia Art for a favor. Apparently Trivia Art tried to send it to someone else, but accidentally sent it to me: “Just got a text from Goodtimes, ‘Can you tivo Grey’s Anatomy?’ What a chick.”