9/11 conspiracy theories

There is a pretty spooky documentary video out that points out a lot of strange inconsistencies about 9/11. It’s a long video, but pretty well done. There are a lot of conspiracy theorists out there, and over 1/3 of Americans believe that the American government had something to do with the attacks. Popular Mechanics does a really good job of refuting a lot of these conspiracies, however. As for me, I’m a born skeptic, and I think that George Bush and Dick Cheney are very bad people, but I don’t think that they are so diabolical as to kill 3,000 Americans so that they could start a war in Iraq. I’m not 100% convinced that they weren’t complicit, but I think that our failure to prevent the attacks had a lot more to do with incompetence than evil. Besides, I think this administration is way too stupid to concoct and pull off a far reaching conspiracy. I mean, we see what a total disaster Iraq is. Do we really think this administration could pull off a masterful snow job like 9/11? Please.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a president has been accused of killing Americans to enter a war. Many people think that FDR provoked the Japanese until they had no choice to attack Pearl Harbor, then sat back and let it happen.